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An Unexpected Visitor for Christmas

Christmas rolled in here on chilly billows of dense fog.  A normal late-December day.  Not that the animals expect the day to be any different from their usual routine and, with the exception of a heartier-than-usual dinner, neither do we. … Continue reading

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Is “Alpha” Better?

It is a credit to most assiduous, amateur horse-owners that they will try almost anything, give most new theories a chance in their quest to improve their riding and relationship with their horses. Forgive me if, having seen more than a … Continue reading

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She’s back with that saddle again!

Autumn sunshine slants in the background and a handsome old horse in the autumn of his years, leaves wreathed in his mane, basks in the afternoon warmth.  He’s content in his retirement and quite relieved he no longer has to shoulder the … Continue reading

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Horses, Gardens and the Hopalong Kid

I haven’t had much to enthuse about in a post whilst my broken leg has been slowly healing.  Our garden and fields are all sloping to a greater or lesser extent, so getting about on crutches – I had to … Continue reading

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