About this cavalière

A brief CV: born, raised and educated in England, learned to ride in 60s (first pony at age 13), graduated in French in the 70s, worked in advertising, magazines and interior design

Married and moved to France in the 80s, did an awful lot of building work at home and professionally, acquired two horses and three cats in the early 90s

Briefly rebelled against middle age and became a long-haul air hostess in late 90s contrary to everyone’s expectations (including mine) to assuage late-onset wanderlust

Relationships: no children, siblings or parents, just one husband, three horses and some very good friends

Horses:  Aly,  16hh chestnut Selle Français with mainly Anglo-Arab blood bought in 1990 aged 6, now retired*;  Pie, 15hh skewbald of indeterminate breed, bought in 1997 from neighbours because he kept escaping to visit Aly – taught my husband to ride, now also retired;  Pom, 15.2hh dappled grey PRE (Andalusian) bought in 2009 aged 8 – epitomises the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”!  Aly, Pie and Pom are the horses’ alter egos, named for their colours in French.  Chestnut=alezan: Aly, skewbald=pie bai: Pie and dappled grey=gris pommelé:  Pom.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent!

(*Aly passed away on 14th November, 2012 – he is sorely missed, but will remain an integral part of this blog and the header photo.)

Occupation/preoccupation: looking after the horses, house and garden and reminding myself how lucky I am to be free, fed and healthy in this uncertain world.  Oh, and trying to avoid any further bone breaks.

Thanks for dipping to the blog, I hope it will be “au revoir”…..


18 Responses to About this cavalière

  1. I love your attitude & look forward to following your blog.




  2. Margaretha says:

    I love your blog, especially the bit about the husbands. We live in the south-west of the Gers, in very similar circumstances. Could I feature one of your posts as a guest post on my blog Equestrians Unlimited, please?


    • Thank you for your kind comments, Margaretha – you’re welcome to use one of my posts – I’d be flattered! Having looked at your site, you have a ravishing place and gorgeous horses. I love the landscapes of Gascony too – it must be great riding country. I wish I lived nearer – I’m in the Lot and miss having people to ride with!


  3. Jean says:

    I am not a horse person at all, but your enthusiasm reflected in your blog is great! (My partner did have some horses with his family and enjoyed them immensely at the time. But that was long ago.)


    • Thank you Jean – I’m glad you looked into the blog! I’ve just spent a very enjoyable time perusing your cyclewriteblog; I love all the fascinating topics you get to talk about on the way and the food … ah, the photos had my mouth watering. Bonne route!


  4. cowgirliz says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Yes, it’s kind of chain letter thing, but without the negative repercussions if you opt-out… If you want to play, get more info here: http://justanotherdayoutwest.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/versatile-blogger-award-2/


  5. MoniqueVGL says:

    I love the way you describe yourself. You sound like a very free spirit, someone who loves life and does not let herself be constrained by rules set by the masses. You seem a free thinker and I look forward to reading your blog.


  6. I want to thank you for your generous comment. I really appreciate your ‘long haul hostess’ career. I decided to work for United, and took flight lessons. Then I remembered I had children at home. I am sorry for your loss of Aly. A horse is a hard friend to lose.
    Thank you again.


  7. Thank you again for your encouraging comment! Please check out the Sustainability Hub link and post, they make some simple, easy suggestions that we all can do. All we can change is ourselves, and do what we can.


  8. nadja says:

    “Hostage to an old stone farmhouse with too much garden in South-West France” and your current occupation sounds like paradise to me. And you are so right about cherishing what we have in an uncertain world like ours.


    • It’s all too easy to take what you have for granted (and I am a pessimist by nature!). I have had such a lucky life and hope it comes across in the blog, and I appreciate each and every kind comment and reader. Thank you Nadja 🙂


  9. hamrat says:

    Andalusians have to be one of my favourite breeds after the draught breeds! It might have something to do with having a neighbour who used to breed them
    I’d love to see a lot more pictures of Pom!


  10. I will try and oblige with more pics, but the boy never stands still long enough!
    After riding a friend’s Lusitanian for several years when Aly, my old Selle Français retired, I was convinced I wanted the experience of forming a new partnership with an Iberian horse – it’s certainly never been dull 🙂


  11. I hope you will continue writing here. Standing by, waiting to read 🙂


    • Many thanks for reading and especially for commenting, it spurs me on to continue now I’ve set off again. And, as I’m sure you find too, comments often throw up new and interesting subjects. Loved your blogging tips posts, very reminiscent of my magazine journalism training, are you in that field? Have been coping with poorly, laminitic horse last couple of days but will be back to read more soon ☺

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s fun to connect with other horse people – ever since starting the blog, that has become more and more evident!!

        Fun that you liked the blogging tips! Flattered you’d think there’s some journalism training – English is not my first language, and starting out the blog was intimidating at first 🙂 Getting published would be fun, but I haven’t actively tried – and we all know things never just fall in our laps 😉

        Best of luck with your Laminitic horse, a huge stress…

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