Introducing a sister blog …….

Remember the equine delinquent that used to keep me on my toes and whose exploits formed the backbone of this blog?

My handsome boy, Pom, turned 20 in January, and whilst he’s never lost his bad-boy swagger, he has been an absolute pleasure to partner all these years. His companion, the Pie, after scaring us with a nasty respiratory infection last Summer, is now in his 36th year. Still capable of cantering after Pom and getting down and dirty for a good roll (though getting up again takes an ungainly series of heaves) he seems set to outlast us all!

Both boys had a very enjoyable, socially distant and masked (the humans only!) session with an equine osteopath to check they were in good shape and help with a few minor kinks last month and Pom had a follow up last week. I hope we will restart riding now the good weather has returned after a soggy, wet winter.

This blog has been snoozing for a while now, as life with the horses, whilst good, has not been the stuff of exciting blog posts. However, I found I really missed writing and interacting with like minds, so, at the beginning of February, I began a new blog based on the story of our garden, how it was made and evolves now, the natural world that surrounds us and the stories and emotions they inspire.

If you would be interested in taking a look, I would be so pleased to have your company – and do please comment. I would particularly welcome hearing from my old blogging friends. Here is the link

About Stella C

Englishwoman, transplanted to SW France in '86: rider, writer, plantswoman, designer - these are all things I wish I could do better!
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4 Responses to Introducing a sister blog …….

  1. Anna Blake says:

    I’ve missed you, so glad the horses are well.


  2. subodai213 says:

    What beautiful gardens!! I’m so jealous…yours are so neat, so lovely, quite unlike my rather slovenly looking ones…
    Good to see you back in the writing saddle!


    • Stella C says:

      No cause to be jealous – I only take pics of the best bits when they’re tidied up!! And there will be plenty of horrendous “before” pics. I do hope you’ll enjoy the new blog 😊


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