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A Pushmi Pullyu Day

It’s quite a rarity – something between a blue moon and a red-letter day – a palindromic date.  But it only works if you write your dates European style:  21 02 2012. And because it’s the same backwards as forwards it’s something of … Continue reading

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Love’s Enough

Valentine’s Day again.  I don’t begrudge the florists, chocolatiers and greetings card sellers from making the most of the opportunity, in these times when hearts are hard and people are polarised by excess or need. And where’s romance in all … Continue reading

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The Houyhnhnms, a postscript

If you’re interested in seeing the horse “master race” in a film adaptation of “Gulliver’s Travels”, as mentioned in my last post, the link is below, about 1 hour into this part two:   Strangely, although the horse portraying the “Master” … Continue reading

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Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad?

My style of horsekeeping is best described as rustic.  Or as close to natural as is practical.   I have two oldies living a deluxe retirement and a younger horse who, spasmodically, is called upon to work.  If you can call … Continue reading

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The Optimistic Laundress

I’ll freely admit it.  In the bleak midwinter, I love my thermal vests and don’t give a damn whether my underwear is alluring!  And it has been bitingly cold here, so it’s been vests and long-johns, plus ski socks with pop … Continue reading

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Horsework vs. Housework

This is a subject that divides the women from the girls. Once upon a time the lure of horse-work would have far outweighed homework, no argument.  And housework was something that someone else did (and grumbled and nagged about). But once … Continue reading

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