A Winter Bouquet of Herbs

I gathered an armful of aromatic herbs
The grey-greens of rosemary, sage and lavender;  winter jasmine with its starry yellow flowers and sprigs of purple hebe for its mourning hue,
I placed them where the fragrance would lift into the air when you brushed past
And if by chance I caught those perfumes, I might sense the greying twilight had been stirred by you

I gave those sprigs and twigs a little water, so they would last
And make roots and shoots and plantlets in their turn

From which I’d make
A perfumed garden; set apart but still nearby, where I would come to think of you, ’til even I had said my last goodbye

And years ahead, when someone finds a grey-green clearing in among the wild woodland
Wondering what spell was woven here, what cavalière rode by,
They need never know, could never guess
Our secret;  buried here is all we lived so sweet together, Serin …. you and I, you and I


Serin II (known here as Aly)

8th April 1984 – 14th November 2012

“Good night, sweet prince;  and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest” (Hamlet)

About cavaliereattitude

Englishwoman, transplanted to SW France in '86, blogging - with a large dose of humour and self-deprecation - about life with my husband and our horses, the never-ending renovation of an ancient and crumbly stone farmhouse and the attempt to carve a beautiful garden and productive pasture out of a woodland wilderness.........
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20 Responses to A Winter Bouquet of Herbs

  1. Twohorses says:

    Tears in my eyes, lump in my throat… my thoughts are with you


  2. rontuaru says:

    SO very sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful tribute for your boy. You’ll be in my thoughts for sure.


  3. ptigris213 says:

    Fare well, Dear Serin, good health, strong body and lush, knee deep pastures await. The love of your people whom you left is intertwined in your mane. They will be along someday, along with your friends.

    Such a lovely poem from you, my friend. I have a lump in my throat.


  4. My heart breaks for you. What a beautiful tribute to Serin who was part of your lifesong.


  5. Life is so fragile, these horses take up so much room in our hearts…I honor your loss, and love this poem so much. Thank you for sharing these precious thoughts.


  6. Martine says:

    I was happy to see you back blogging until I read your poem. So sorry to hear of your loss. Logic tells us that our beloved animals have shorter lives than us but logic flies out the window when the time comes to say goodbye to someone who has shared our life.
    Bon courage x


  7. Kimberly Griffin says:

    Lovely words, lovely image, lovely gesture. My heart aches for you and for the loss of your great guy.


    • Thank you, Kimberly, for your heartfelt comment. When a wonderful friend of mine suggested making the bouquet, the thought of that gesture just crystallised all the sadness I felt.


      • Kimberly Griffin says:

        I have been living with deep and profound sadness also. The image you created with your words sparked some ideas . Thank you.

        I have been following your blogg and some you recommend for several months. I am living in Malta for a time, away from friends and my horses, while we sail the seas for a time. Your blogg and a few others have allowed me to connect with other horse women and get a horse fix if only thru words and photos. You know sometimes Ican smell the woods after a rain and the horses thru your photos.

        Thank you, Kim


  8. Un grand merci, Martine. It’s true that this boy took a big piece of my heart with him.


  9. So very sorry for your loss – your words are a beautiful tribute.

    They are never with us long enough.


  10. Elaine L says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Your “goodbye” was beautiful and so was your boy; it’s never enough time with them. It takes so long to develop the relationship and then they are so quickly gone. God must have put them in our care to teach us lessons and then move on. So loved and so missed. My heart aches for you.


    • Thank you, Elaine for your characteristically wise and caring comment. It’s absolutely true that I learned so much about how to be with horses, and people, from my beautiful boy and I do miss him dreadfully after 22 years together. I hope you are settled in the sunshine now and your boy has joined you there – would love to know how you’re getting on, if you have a moment!


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