Jean-François Pignon visits Cahors

Just by chance, I picked up a flyer for a local cinema to see that an “avant première” of Jean-François Pignon’s autobiographical film, “Gazelle” was being shown on Friday evening preceded by a personal appearance of the man himself and his horses in our home town!

He’s a big star in the French horse world and internationally known too, so the event seemed underpublicised and the crowd that gathered was surprisingly small.  Monsieur Pignon and his small troupe of lovely mares (and foals) gave a beautiful, low-key demonstration of man and horse in harmony.   So glad to have witnessed that so close!  Shame about the circus-style outfit, for such a “natural” performer a clean t-shirt and jeans would have seemed more apt, but here are some pictures for your enjoyment ……

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I wasn’t able to stay on for the film, but looking at the trailer on his website, I look forward to seeing it soon.

I’ve been enjoying all the equestrian events at the Olympics.  What a fabulous showcase of horses, horsemanship and talent.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, summer is a trying time for my boys.  The “old boys”, Pie, and Aly especially, are very wheezy and on regular medication – I breathe a sigh of relief for them when there are fresh breezes and a drop of rain, a thundery dose of which we had today – and Pom has to be constantly covered as his sweet itch has gone into overdrive.  I can just about manage it with a range of lotions and potions, covers and stratagems to avoid insects (hard when you are surrounded by woodland), but even so he has lost a chunk of mane and I’d love to find something which would act as a preventative – if anyone has any tips on supplements that work for their horses then I’d be glad to hear.

Hope you’re enjoying summer!

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10 Responses to Jean-François Pignon visits Cahors

  1. Twohorses says:

    Cassie has sweet-itch too, and I use neem oil to rub into her mane and body and I also have one of those awful hoodies that covers her from entire body except for her legs, but I can’t use that when it rains (serious design fault that!) as it is not waterproof. I also use a homeopathic sweet-itch remedy and I do find it very effective and I feed her a mixture of herbs. Cassie has her full mane now, but the first year I had her she rubbed a good chunk of it off and also a bit from the top of her tail.

    Jean Francois Pignon is coming to the Dublin Horse Show this year, so I am really looking forward to seeing him next week!


  2. Twohorses says:

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, it helps to know that I’m not the only one who spends mosts of the time just trying to keep my horses healthy!

    The homeopathic remedy I give Cassie is Culicoides 30c. I start in February, 3 times a week for 6 weeks and then go on to once a week until September. I dissolve the tablets in boiled and cooled water and syringe it inbetween her gums and cheek. You can order it from They have a wide variety of herbs and mixes and also have a very good helpline. I also feed her a daily herb mix of nettle, burdock root, chamomile flowers and garlic, year round and I give her meadowsweet when she has bites, lumps and bumps. Cassie is a very itchy mare, but herbs are great and they do help her, so hopefully they’ll help Pom too! I buy some stuff, but I also plunder the local hedgerows. I’ve just bought a second hand polytunnel and I plan on growing the herbs that I’m buying at the moment. I tried to grow some outside in beds, but between Twinkle and the weather, it was not a success….


  3. Elaine L says:

    Dini is allergic to midges (black flies/no see ums). Sheets and huggies are too hot for him. I have tried every chemical out there. Recently, I started him on Smart Paks BUG OFF supplement. It worked wonderfully, but unfortunately I read where one of the ingredients (garlic) can lower the red blood cell count and consequently Dini did became lethargic; I took him off the supplement. Last week my farrier introduced me to Cedarcide, a natural cedar tree oil. He sprayed Dini’s legs with it when he trimmed him; I didn’t see any flies around his legs the entire time. So I ordered a quart of it and we will see what transpires. It was developed for the US soldiers fighting in the desert. It kills ticks, bedbugs, lice, flies, you name it. Ticks are a huge problem for horses and people in the New England area.


  4. Elaine, sometimes I wonder whether we have been especially picked out to have horses whose problems test our ingenuity and endurance to the limits!! I will look out for Cedarcide. Thank you!


  5. Hi Stella, I just saw that Jean Francois Pignon will be at the Dublin horse show, I’m looking forward to seeing him!


  6. Hope you enjoy the show Martine! Did you ever get to see JFP in the film “Danse Avec Lui” when you were in France? (If not, I recommend the DVD when you get back!!)


  7. MoniqueVGL says:

    I don’t know how your stabling arrangements are, I just started reading your blog. But if it gets really hot, I leave my old guy in during the day and out at night. Less heat, flies, etc. And inside it is really cool at our barn.


    • Thank you for your comments Monique – I often dip into and enjoy your blog and have noticed we are also both fans of “Reflections on Riding” (which I am missing – come back soon Katie!) I do sometimes bring Aly into the boxes in the barn, but unless I bring all three in he frets being separated. They have a shady shelter in the woods which catches any breeze, but sometimes, when the flies are at their worst it is the best option – and we put fans in there too! The lengths we go to to try and get things right……. 🙂


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