First Post

 Bonjour et bienvenue!

I’ve never found it easy to walk in to a room full of strangers, but, as this is my new on-line living space, I hope I can persuade a few like-minded people to venture in with me, have a virtual cup of coffee or tea, maybe an apéro, and feel welcome to share their views as fellow horse-lovers, garden-tenders and house-restorers in rural France, or wheverer they are and whatever their nationality.

If you are going to spend time here with me, I’d better let you know what to expect when you look in.  I love to get to know and learn from intelligent, open-minded people, who can be generous with their knowledge and yet wear it lightly.  Wit and wisdom are to be cherished, fun and frivolity are welcome.  As are serious and urgent themes, though I detest heated argument and controversy for it’s own sake.  I’ll be looking out for the most interesting, thought-provoking and forward-looking news on caring for horses, houses and gardens and passing on selected titbits of our lives here (ie. hoping to edit out the boring bits).   

I’ll be posting about the daily “management” (ha!) of our three horses, what’s going on, for better or worse, in the garden and how we cope with our creaky, old grande dame of a house.   We got over all the “settling in” stuff in the eighties so this will be more about the “getting on with it”!

Here’s what I hope for from readers;  constructive advice and comment, encouragement, shared experiences;  not too much criticism please, I’m too good at doing that for myself!

The horses I want to introduce you to are a 26 year old chestnut/”alezan” SF (breed:  Selle Français), our “new boy”, a 10 year old dappled grey/”gris pommelé” PRE (Andalusian), and a ?25 year old skewbald/”pie” phenomenon who defies description but who kindly taught my husband to ride.  For the purposes of the blog they will  be “Aly”, “Pom”and “Pie”.  House and garden, plus inhabitants, and maybe some of our better snaps, must wait for next time.

So, that’s all until the next post,  do please feel free to visit, “à la prochaine”…..  


About cavaliereattitude

Englishwoman, transplanted to SW France in '86, blogging - with a large dose of humour and self-deprecation - about life with my husband and our horses, the never-ending renovation of an ancient and crumbly stone farmhouse and the attempt to carve a beautiful garden and productive pasture out of a woodland wilderness.........
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